Hosting of QNE Optimum

Hosting of QNE Optimum

By using our cloud hosting solutions, your database will be hosting in the Cloud Server of Windows Azure. Microsoft Azure is the backbone of the Microsoft Cloud, and the fastest growing Cloud Infrastructure Platform on the planet today.

Below are the Advantages of:

  1. Access company database from different branches through Internet.
  2. Data entry using mobile devices anytime and anywhere. e.g. Sales Order, Tax Invoice, Receive Customer Payment etc.
  3. Monitor accounts and view all reports while you are travelling overseas.
  4. Accounting Firms, Accountants and GST Consultants can access the data of their customers using Cloud portal anytime and anywhere in their own office etc.
  5. Real-time data update for all accessed users
  6. Lower the cost of ownership. Thus, it will not require to hire professionals to maintain the server. Minimal IT maintenance.
  7. Off-site data storage backup. Worry free on missing/lost data if your company hosts/servers was damaged or Stolen/theft.

With Microsoft Azure, the uptime is 99.99%, your database access is always available. You don't need to worry about power failure, network failure, virus infection, internet abuse by your users which affect the internet bandwidth in your office, as long as you have internet connection, you can access your data anywhere and anytime with any devices.

For more information about the cloud computing platform and infrastructure provided by Microsoft, please visit

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